Stormy Hayes, APRN

stormy Stormy Hayes is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated with her BSN from the University of West Florida and initially found a passion in caring for extremely critical infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where she worked as a nurse for 7 years. Throughout her seven years as a NICU nurse, she saw how the everyday stress weighed on her patient’s parents and their mental health. This reignited her passion for psychology and mental health. She took a leap of faith and applied for graduate school. Eight semesters later, she graduated with her Master of Science in nursing (MSN) degree from Jacksonville University and quickly became a patient favorite due to her spunky personality, nonjudgmental attitude, and willingness to take the extra step for her patients. Stormy takes a genuine interest in her patients and their lives to help foster therapeutic relationships and provide an individualized treatment plan aimed at enhancing their quality of life.

Stormy is qualified to provide care across the lifespan. Her practice specialties include (but not limited to) ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, and substance abuse. Stormy has additional training to deliver care for patient’s seeking medication assisted treatment for substance abuse and Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression. Her passions are child/adolescent and maternal mental health. Through active listening, Stormy genuinely understands her patient’s needs and provides care with a holistic approach.  

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