“I have seen Dr. Vijapura for years. He has helped me (successfully) through many difficult times in my life. His staff always returns your calls and you don't have to navigate through prompts to get an associate on the phone. His psychotherapy team is excellent as well.”

“I've been a patient for a few years and I would highly recommend Dr. Vijapura to anyone who needs addiction treatment. He keeps up to date with current treatments and is very informative. He has saved my life. Thanks Dr. V. (^_^).”

“I really enjoy being a patient of this office. They are very efficient and helpful. They will tell you what you need to hear and sometimes it's not always what you want to hear and that makes them credible in my book. I would recommend them to anyone who truly wants to help themselves be better and successful. I can't thank them enough for helping me with my own progress.”

“My name is Michele. I have known Dr. Vijapura both professionally and personally for many years. He is compassionate with an amazing insight into helping his patients feel better. I highly recommend Dr. Vijapura”

“Excellent Practice - We have referred several people to Dr V because of his expertise with addiction counseling. He is always up to date with the latest medications, treatments and techniques.”

“Dr. [Sagar] V is always very compassionate and sensitive to my needs!”

“Dr. [Sagar] Vijapura is very thorough, honest, non-compensatory in his approach to find a solution. Enjoyed the care in his statements, first time meeting a mental health physician. Great experience overall.” 

“Excellent visit. Very friendly and felt VERY comfortable with Dr. [Sagar] V. Will certainly do it again. I feel better already. Thank You!”

“Absolutely fantastic. Most knowledgeable, caring psychiatric provider I've had - and I've been in treatment for over 12 years. I am so thankful for Dr. [Sagar] Vijapura and his expertise. Thank you so much!"

"I had feelings of not being acknowledged by my primary psychiatrist and wanted a second opinion. Dr. [Sagar] Vijapura really took the time to listen to the things I felt were affecting me and went over some ways to manage my condition as well as recommended some changes in medications to see if that helped. He was very pleasant and made our visit his main focus so I felt that I was being taken serious when at times I haven't with my other provider. Thank you so much for your time and help Dr. Vijapura."

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. [Sagar] V. During our first visit, I already could see why his patients love him. He is so thorough and comprehensive, at the same time being so warm, kind, and compassionate. I could tell immediately that Dr. V was just as dedicated to my health as I was! I highly recommend Dr. V to anyone who wants to improve their mental health!"

"Dr. [Sagar] Vijapura is wonderful. I had him while he was a resident at Brigham and Women's Psychiatric Services in Boston and he was always dutiful, compassionate, funny, and extremely responsive. I am confident he is going to have a lot of success in the future if he continues to practice with the diligence and attentiveness in which he cared for me as his patient. I highly recommend him as a physician. He is far from out of touch, and, well, there are not enough adjectives to express my satisfaction!"

"I have never met a physician who cares more about his patients than Dr. [Sagar] Vijapura. In making a treatment plan, he made sure he knew everything about me that was relevant. Then after we picked a medicine, he called me a few days after the appointment to see if I was having any side effects and how everything was going. I feel very comfortable and at peace knowing that I have a very smart physician who is very invested in my health. Dr. V is easy to talk to, kind, caring, and thorough!"

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